Monday, May 24, 2010

Our youngest, Cole, just turned 23 and is a student where he has been busy with student government, Institute assignments, and various service and college-oriented things. He is back from a mission to Tijuana, Mexico. The language has come in handy--he has volunteered at the hospital as an interpreter, and also at the Weber County Jail on Sundays, teaching the Spanish inmates. He loves to serve, having gone to Guatamala and Tijuana to do humanitarian work.  He recently suffered a stroke, due to a blood clot that ruptured in  a vein in his head, causing seizures as well.  He spent 11 days in the Critical Care Unit of Intermountain Medical Center, then 4 days on their Neuroscience floor. He is a modern-day miracle, and is doing amazingly well.  He is back home, going to rehab in physical, speech and occupational therapy, and is preparing to go back to school at University of Utah in a couple of weeks.
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