Thursday, March 14, 2013


I have about 330 TALL BEARDED IRIS in the garden beds. My iris are inter-planted with other perennials, landscaped into the 14 beds around the yard. I like to use plants flowering at that time that color coordinate with the various iris. Bloom times cover  a little over a month, and when the first early iris start blooming, the last of the bulbs are still blooming. And, when the last of the late iris are in bloom, the first roses are on. Mid blooms have the greatest number of plants in bloom: Peonies, Poppies, Lupines, Clematis, Jacob's Ladder, Columbine, and other spring perennials. Here are some of my favorite color combinations of Tall Bearded Iris and COMPANION PLANTS:
Iris:  Laced Cotton, Into The Night, Dusky Challenger, Indigo Princess, Classic Look, Heavenly Angels, Daughter of Stars, Fancy Stuff, Codicil

Iris: Bold Expression, Dreamcake, Close Up, Ringo

Iris: Aristocracy, Artist's Time, Ever After, Bubbling Over

Iris: Liberty Song, Metolius Blues, Mary Francis, Skywalker, Mystique, Out of the Blues

Iris: Electrabrite, Jump for Joy, Geniality, Beyond

Purple Serenade, Change of Pace

Aristocracy. Aphrodisiac, Magharee

Lemon Mist, On Edge, Glowing Smile, About Town, Rolling Thunder, Goodnight Moon, Lullaby of Spring, Feature Attraction, Bertwhistle, Theater, Elegant Expression, Eagle's Flight

Midnight Revelry, Neutron Dance, About Town, Conjuration, Aristocracy

Lace Jabot, Pink Swan, Skating Party, Embrace Me, Goodnight Moon, Misty Morning Melody, Feature Attraction, Lacy Day, Silverado, Good Hope, Above the Clouds, Elisa Renee, Bubbling Over

Timeless Moment, Close Up, Sweeter Than Wine, Camelot Rose, Lady Friend, Epicenter, Raspberry Wine, Bewilderbeast, Extravagant, Change of Pace, Latin Lover, Chinese Treasure, Cupid's Arrow, Spectacular Bid, Ever After, Queen in Calico

Iris: Lemon Mist, Elisa Renee, Rose', Starship Enterprise, Well Endowed

Iris: Heartstring Strummer, Elisa Renee, Coming Up Roses, Geisha

Date Bait, Pond Lily, Imprimis, Louisa's Song, Ovation, Lovely Kay

Gigolo, Malaguena, Change of Pace, Bold Expression, Strawberry Sensation, Artist's Time, Aphrodisiac, Mulled Wine

City Lights, Silverado, Heartstring Strummer, Stairway to Heaven, Mesmerizer, Sea Power, Queen's Circle, Global Crossing, Skating Party, World Premier, Monday Morning Blues

Ever After, Ample Charm, Role Model, Cherry Blossom Song, Latin Lover, Naples, Raspberry Wine, Bold Expression, Gigolo

Queen's Circle, City Lights, Heartstring Strummer, Dusky Challenger, Yaquina Blues, Ascii Art, Sea Power, World Premier, Classic Look, Misty Morning Melody, Global Crossing, Clarence, Twist of Fate, Metolius Blues, Indigo Princess, Silverado, Cascadian Rhythm, Rainy River, Geisha, Codicil, Ruffled Ballet, Best Bet, Monday Morning Blues, Crowned Heads, Skywalker, Daughter of Stars, Stairway to Heaven, Pledge Allegiance

Embrace Me, Elisa Renee, Laced Cotton, Pond Lily, Date Bait

Desert Peace, Date Bait, My Ginny, Jennifer Rebecca, Sweet Musette, Geniality

Susanne Holland Spicker Mother, Grandmother, Homemaker, Gardener, Teacher, Photographer

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  1. Hello Susann, I've seen these lovely photos while walking on google ! Love it !

    1. These are fabulous combinations. You have great taste!
      Which plants are paired with Embrace Me, Elisa Renee, Laced Cotton, Pond Lily, Date Bait? I recognize 4 peonies (do you know which ones?), 1 papaver orientale (Miss Peggy?), Allium Mt Blanc (?), some lupines and foxgloves and a white gladiolus (White Prosperity?). There are also 2 white flowers I can't identify. What are they?

    2. Hi. Thanks for your sweet comment. Here is a list of all the flowers in the collage you were talking about: (top row, left to right) Tree peony YOSHINA GAWA, White double clematis ARCTIC QUEEN, White lupine, Tall Bearded iris EMBRACE ME, Pink/white lupine, White Allium MT. BLANC, Tall Bearded Iris ELISA RENEE, Peony Sarah Bernhardt, White Daisy ESTHER READ, Pink Foxglove STRAWBERRY, Popaver MISS PIGGY, White Tall Bearded Iris LACED COTTON, Lavender/Pink double clematis JOSEPHINE, Peony DO TELL, Tall Bearded Iris POND LILY, White Gladiola Prosperity, Pink Peony MONS JULES ELLIE, Tall Bearded Iris DATE BAIT, Lavender Lupine & Peony SHIRLEY TEMPLE. (The lupines have no name--they readily reseed and the seedlings come up variable--there are several colors and combination colors in the garden). Hope that helps!

    3. Suzanne, you are absolutely fabulous. A million thanks!

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  3. Hi Susanne,
    Your flowers are gorgeous! I am starting my iris collection now. But iris season doesn't last long (I am in Zone 5-6). I really would like my garden be colorful all 3 seasons. But spaces are so limited. I am wondering how you achieve to have all these pretty flowers 3 seasons long. Any way if you could share your garden plan or if you could share some tips on how to mix different flowers together to have flowers blooming three seasons but still create such big impact like you showed in the picture? Thank you

    1. I am in zone 6. I choose flowers that start blooming in March and end up with those that are blooming until a killing frost, usually mid-to-end November. I choose flowers that will bloom together in the three seasons that I have here, with over lapping times, of course. It's been a process over the years of finding what is blooming when, water and sun requirements,and hardiness, of course. If I look back to the gardens 15 years ago, much has changed--I've improved things by trial and error over the years. I keep detailed maps and records. I do flower arrangements for a local dentist's office March-November, so I need to have flowers blooming all those months, which has been the impetus for blooms for 3 season. Hope that helps!

    2. Is it possible to share your maps and what type of flower that you have chosen through the year? I think your yard is definitely bigger than mine. But I think if I can do a section of my garden with your guidance that should come out wonderful. Or if you could post some picture from your garden throughout different seasons, that would be great to see too! I know you have posted one with early spring flower and with iris. Some summer pictures and fall would be nice! Your color coordination is pretty amazing!! Look forward to learning more!

    3. Kexin Ma: I'd be glad to share my garden maps with you. Email me at and I'll be able to send them in attachments, as well as other pictures you may be interested in.

    4. Hello Suzanne,
      You have become my Guru in terms of bearded iris combinations! I'd love to get a copy of your garden maps. Any chance you could email them to me at
      A million thanks in advance!

  4. Dear Susanne, I am an artist in need of photo research of red oriental poppies and deep purple irises along a garden path. If you have such photo material I would love to talk with you about it and happy to exchange. Your flowers are spectacular. Thanks for your blog.