Monday, January 13, 2014


Every year around this time I start thinking of the beautiful blooms in the garden beds throughout the yard. I get anxious for warmer weather, and just thinking of the explosion of color that takes place is exciting. I love to see little sprouts break through the soil and plants breaking their dormancy. The hard work and months of planning and waiting are well worth it. 
When I organize my garden beds, I plan with several things in mind: Color, texture, form, and hardiness. I love perennials, and most of my beds are filled with these plants, that come back year after year. I like plants that require minimal care and are vigorous. Since I make arrangements each week through bloom season, I also take into account the plant's vase life. By planting early, mid and late spring bloomers, a long bloom season can also be accomplished. Here are some of my favorite beds:

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  1. Just ran across your blog and its colorful and beautiful. I have lots of Iris rhysomes that are a bit dry without fans.are they OKAY to plant?