Monday, January 12, 2015

ORIENTAL POPPIES - Easy to grow and maintain

Oriental poppies in the spring garden
Royal Wedding
Harlem (reblooming)
Raspberry Queen
Ruffled Patty

ORIENTAL POPPIES are one of the easiest and problem free plants in my garden beds. These beautiful, crepe paper-like beauties only increase in beauty from year to year.  They are long-lived and tolerant in many growing conditions. Some of my favorites are pictured here--Goliath, Queen Alexander, Harlem, Miss Piggy, Royal Wedding, Ruffled Patty and Raspberry Queen.  They like evenly moist, but not wet soil, and full sun. Plant something close by, as after they've bloomed, their foliage yellows and dies out.  The empty place they leave can then accommodate other plants.  I have daylilies, lilies, zinnias and garden mums (plants that mature and bloom later in the season) planted in those areas.  In late summer/early fall, the beautiful bright green foliage starts to grow and forms a nice clump that stays through the fall and winter.  By early spring, a full poppy plant is ready for spring bloom. Raspberry Queen is 8" across--unbelievable!  Ruffled Patty and Miss Piggy are beautiful, cut-petaled varieties.  I have found them to be very hardy, pest-free and easy to grow.  Easy to propagate, just dig down and get a long piece of an outside stem, plant immediately, keeping soil moist, but not wet, until the plant root is established.  Little side shoots are always available and I find it's easier to replant these. Varieties vary in their size and height.  Some, when in full bloom, have long stems approaching 4-5 feet, while others bloom closer to the plant, at 2-3 feet. Poppies are definitely on my list of top 10 plants in my garden.  With about 20 or so of these gorgeous plants, the hardest thing about them is trying to figure out where I can plant more in my garden!

Miss Piggy

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