Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Terry and I met the summer of 1974. We dated for three months, got engaged, and were married after a 6-month engagement, on April 2, 1975. We have been married for 36 years. (My how time flies)! We have been blessed with 6 wonderful children: Merrin, age 35 (Jason Tubbs); Nate, age 33 (Nathalie); Cade (deceased), Emily, age 28 (Trevor Price); Libby, age 26; and Cole, age 23. We have 5 beautiful grandchildren, Logan, Eliza, Lucas, Paige, and Anderson, with one on the way. Life has been good--we are all in relatively good health, mentally, physically and spiritually. We enjoy each other, getting together often. Our married children all live 5-13 minutes away which makes it very convenient. Terry and I enjoy watching sports events, listening to good music, being with our family, working in the yard, and road trips. Terry is retired, after 42 years with the federal government, most recently as a computer programmer. I have been a stay-at-home mom until all the kids were in school, afterwhich I have been substitute teaching at our local junior high for the past 17 years. I enjoy the students and I have been able to be there as our own kids were there, which has been great! I am passionate about family, friends, flowers, photography, fabulous music and making delicious food.  This blog is dedicated to those passions.
Susanne Holland Spicker Mother, Grandmother, Homemaker, Gardener, Teacher, Photographer

Passion is defined as the love of, or the object(s) of affection and emotion. I am passionate about family, friends, flowers, food, photography and fabulous music! This blog is dedicated to those loves.

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