Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Iris:  Bertwhistle, Neutron Dance
Iris:  Gay Parasol

Iris:  Geniality,  Pledge Allegiance, Queen's Circle

Iris:  Happenstance, Spiced Custard, Goodnight Moon
In a few months the flower beds will be brimming with TALL BEARDED IRIS, along with the various spring companion plants to compliment their form and color.  Bloom times vary on the year--sometimes up to 2 weeks early and up to 2 weeks late.  Time will tell this year when the bloom will be.  I welcome the spring rains and cool to moderate climate instead of freezing temperatures!
Iris: Purple Serenade, Mystique, Master Touch, Laced Cotton

Iris: Proud Tradition, Mulled Wine, Pink Swan

Iris:  Star Woman, World Premier, Into the Night

Iris:  Neon at Dusk, Master Touch, Mary Francis

Iris: Purple Serenade, Role Model, Passion For Pink

Iris: Looking For Love, Master Touch, Queen in Calico 

Iris: Starship Enterprise, Bewilderbeast, Chinese Treasure, Ringo

Iris: Goodnight Moon, Electrabrite

Iris: Summer Tsunami, Lace Jabot, Paint the Sky, On Edge, Feature Attraction

Iris:  Cherry Blossom Song

Iris: Grand Waltz, On Edge, Sly Fox

Wedding Candles, Sly Fox, High Profile, County Cork, Queen's Circle, Grand Waltz

Sunday Chimes

Iris:  Mesmerizer, Clarence

Pledge Allegiance, Song of Norway, Sly Fox, Queen's Circle, Mystique, Stairway to Heaven

Paint the Sky, Neutron Dance, High Profile, Edith Wolford, Conjuration

Edith Wolford, Wedding Candles, On Edge, Dusky Challenger, Sly Fox, Lemon Mist, Darkside

Pink Swan, Hello Darkness, Laced Cotton

Eagle's Flight, Skating Party

Iris:  Lemon Mist, Above the Clouds, Goodnight Moon

Iris:  Mesmerizer

Iris:  Ample Charm

Iris:  Jessie's Song, New Moon, Mesmerizer

Iris:  Clarence, Mesmerizer

Stairway to Heaven, Proud Tradition, Silverado, Queen's Circle, Into The Night, Pledge Allegiance

Iris: Midnight Treat, Geisha

Iris: Cascadian Rhythm, Skating Party, Yaquina Blue, World Premier, Queen's Circle, Altruist
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  1. WOW! Your blog and your garden are absolutely beautiful! I live in SLC, so I am bookmarking this page for ideas. I think you have all of my wish list plants. :) Thanks for putting together this great resource!

    1. Thanks, Cristina--I appreciate your exciting review! Good luck!