Wednesday, June 23, 2010


The season for cool weather annuals is fast coming to an end.  These include one of my favorite plants that I use as a filler in the flower beds--PANSIES.  These hardy, or half-hardy annuals thrive in cool conditions--so they have done remarkably well this year.  I plant my pansies in the fall.  They over-winter especially well, and then their early spring blooming is more abundant.  When they begin to grow spindly, you can cut them back and they will look better for a longer period. I usually pull mine in the early summer and plant petunias in their place.  If they're in the shade, however, they can actually last through the entire summer.  (I have actually had the pansies last through two growing seasons when I took great pains to keep them).  They do well when we have cooler summers. They come in a wide variety of colors and bi-colors for you to choose from, and they are easy to grow.  They provide a low, colorful edge for your landscape.  They do well in shade, but also like full sun and like a soil rich with organic  matter.  I have found the best deal for flats of Pansies is JOE'S GREENHOUSE in Layton.  He grows his own, and their prices beat everyone in the area.  He sells mainly in the fall, and you'll like his selection.  I started using pansies in my garden after working at Temple Square.  I saw  just how much they added to the design of their beds.  So I started to use them and I'm so glad I did.  They are relatively inexpensive and have added that extra touch of color that I've needed with the perennial beds. 
SUPER DEAL--EXPIRES FRI, JUNE 25th, AT MIDNIGHT!!  One more great deal I wanted to tell you about, and it's a great one, is that several online plant companies are offering LILIES for a blow-out, end-of-the-season sale.  You can get 50 lilies for just $19.99, shipped immediately.  (Don't get these  lilies mixed up with daylilies--they are different.  Daylilies are plants with fountain-like foliage, lilies are bulbs that you plant that are single, erect pIants).  I have about 60 or so lilies in the gardens.  What I love about lilies is that they don't take up much room and they bloom just when you need color from your perennials in the summer through the late summer.  I will be posting on lilies when they start to bloom, but I highly recommend this offer.  Go in with some friends if you can't use 50--but you'll be surprised at how many you can plant without taking up much room.  Oriental, LA's and OT's smell wonderful! Asiatic usually don't have a fragrance.  Asiatics multiply, Orientals usually don't.  I have both--& I love them! Just go to any of these sites to order your lily grab bag before Friday at Midnight:
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  1. Hi Susanne,
    I just love all the wonderful photos of your beautiful flowers. I love the idea of the pansies and or petunias used as fillers in your garden. I can't figure out why the yellow pansies are so huge, have you put on super fertilizer and or planted more than one together? Thank you. CGreen