Monday, July 5, 2010


I wish I could tell you that weeding wasn't important at all, but weeds actually compete for light, water and nutrients from your plants.  In addition, they can harbor insects and diseaseWeeds usually spread by seeds, so it's important to pull weeds before they flower.  After they flower and go to seed, their seeds fall, or are blown in the wind (think of dandelions!), and they sprout.  It would be good if plants reseeded as easily as most weed seeds!  There are ways you can weed:  I prefer hand-pulling, although you can use a hoe or spade.  One thing that really cuts down on weeds is mulch.  When you mulch an area, the weeds usually find it hard to grow--there is no light to aid in germination.  Another thing about mulch is it keeps the soil cool and moist, reducing the need for watering, and, of course, it does add a decorative touch to your bed.  Some people use black plastic as a mulch.  It does cut down on weeds pretty well.  Just make sure you punch holes in the plastic so your plants' roots are watered.  After you put the plastic down, cover it with bark, rocks, etc.  Some people use grass clippings as a mulch, but, just remember, grass clippings may have weed seeds in; in addition, grass clippings generate a lot of heat when it decomposes, which could damage your plants' roots.  I actually like to weed, providing the ground is loose and not hard as a rock.  Right now I have hundreds of tiny "Elm Trees" that have germinated.  They are easy to pull up.  The bind weed isn't so easy--you seldom can get bind weed by its roots.   Larry Sagers  (KSL Garden Show, Saturday mornings at 8:00 on KSL 102.7 FM) suggests using a big gallon milk container, with a hole cut out of the bottom.  Place over the bind weed and apply Round Up.  (Round Up can't be applied when it is too hot, however.  Do this in the fall, when the weed is flowering).  Round Up is especially potent, though, so don't use it when any wind is present, and keep the milk jug over the weed to shield the Round Up from getting on any plants, or you may cause serious problems to your plants and even to your neighbors'--I had a neighbor use Round Up on some weeds in his yard by my lilac tree, and it ended up dying.  Whatever method you choose, keep weeds to a bare minimum, for healthier, prettier, and more lush garden beds.    
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