Sunday, August 22, 2010


I always thought of HYDRANGEAS as a shrub,but have seen them as a great wandering VINE, and most recently, a beautiful small ornamental TREE (which I'm sure was probably trained).  I had always loved seeing the blue and bright pink ones as potted plants in the grocery store for sale, (although these are not hardy), and so I planted three plants--the big mop head ones-- in a deep bright pink, and clear blue, and a nice white.  They are in bloom right now--although, sadly, not in my yard anymore.  I actually transplanted them into my daughter's yard about 5 years ago. I've just come from her house,where I observed them, and they are absolutely stunning!  (She had a perfect spot for them, and I didn't). I enjoy them each time I go over to her house, however, and have used them each year in flower arrangements.  I still have 2 in our yard along the perimeter--Pinky Winky (Yes, that's really the name of the cultivar!) It is white, then turns to pink and has upright clusters as long as 15-18 inches long!  Hydrangeas like slightly acidic soil.  In fact, the soil will somewhat determine what color the hydrangea is.  They like full sun, partial sun and shade, in evenly moist, but not wet, soil that is well drained. They make beautiful arrangements--both fresh and dried.  If using for fresh flowers, pick the blooms when the florets are in full bloom.  One thing that's neat about them is that after you have enjoyed them in your arrangement, just keep them in the vase and let them dry for a beautiful dry flower arrangement!  If you want to dry some after they have bloomed on the plant, cut stems when they are just past mature, as seen in the pictures posted here.  They fade and change colors after they have bloomed--white become cream and greenish.  Blue turns lavender, greenish or maroon.  Pink changes to a blue/lavender.  Bundle the stems together with a rubber band and hang them upside down in a warm, dry place.  If you leave the flowers on your plants, they will eventually turn tan to beige, as seen in the last picture posted.  I have a dried arrangement of hydrangea in my front room year-round.  I've seen them made into beautiful dried wreaths.  I've also seen them spray painted metallic colors in some striking arrangements.  They are an easy-to-grow ornamental plant that adds color from early summer into fall, and their colors are sure to get noticed by all who pass by!  

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