Saturday, August 7, 2010


LARKSPUR is a fun plant that readily reseeds itself.  I have found that if you have one season of Larkspur and let it go to seed, you'll have Larkspur from then on.  It is sometimes called half-hardy because it is really a cool-weather annual, thriving in coolor conditions.  In zones 4 and north, they can last the entire summer.  In the North, cool weather annuals are sown in late winter or early spring, for blooms in the spring through summer.  You can start them indoors and move them to the garden around the last frost date if you like, but I just let them reseed right where they are, and when the seedlings appear, I can thin them where necessary.  They aren't true to seed, however, but the mix you'll get will be in shades of pink, lavender, purple, and white, and will look good together.  They like full sun, and the seeds need to be covered; they need darkness to germinate.  When transplanting, do so with care, early in the season, with a trowel.  They may need to be staked, as they tend to blow over easily.  I like to use them in arrangements, both fresh and dried.  For dried arrangements, just tie them together and hang them upside-down right when they are in full bloom in a dry, dark area, and they dry very nicely.  They also provide a great backdrop to other flowering plants in your beds, such as daylily, dahlias, and daisies.
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