Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I love this perennial!  It has downward-pointing flowers, and the bright rose-purple color, offset by bright yellow tips, is sure to light up any shady spot, which is where you want to plant it.  The plants are about a foot high, and they are ephemeral (they go dormant after they flower in the spring).  The leaves even disappear, so I have a marker letting me know where it is the rest of the season.  I've never been able to get any seedlings from it, so if you wanted this cultivar, I'd suggest buying one at the nursery.  I love the great leaves it has--a wonderful shade of green, long and slender, with maroon veins and stems.  Another added bonus is that it grows in a nice mound, so it isn't invasive.  If you do need to divide, do so in the summer, after their leaves have turned yellow, but before they disappear.  You can separate them easily--they grow in crowns and have white fleshy roots. Be sure to replant immediately, as they dry out very quickly.  I haven't seen many of these perennials anywhere, but I sure do enjoy the ones I have.  I have them in the upper shade bed, with hosta, lenten rose, ferns, forget-me-nots, and bleeding hearts.  It is easy to take care of, and is hardy.  I have never had any pests bother it.  So, I think it's a great perennial to have!
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