Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I got 'hooked' on counted X-stitch several years ago.  I only use linen18- or 22-count, usually in the natural flax color.  I have stitched many pieces over the years, selling them in Park City or in local Boutiques, but my very favorites are ones that I have made with each of our children in mind.  For each holiday, I choose a favorite design, and then I have them matted and framed, some with cut work or art on the mattes when the piece is finished.  The pieces I've done for the kids are detailed with some probably having about 100 hours of work in them.  Some months aren't quite complete yet with 5 pieces, but most months I have at least 3-5.  I have more Christmas linen pieces than any other holiday--I'm working on the 9th piece, so the kids will each get two for the month of December.  With some cold months ahead, and not being able to get outside and garden, I'm hoping to get busy and do some needle work!  I still display them in our home, but at some point, they will go to Merrin, Nathan, Emily, Libby and Cole, my 5 living children.  Deciding on the colors, pattern, etc. can be very time consuming--there are literally millions of patterns to choose from!   We have a local shop that is well-known around the country--"Sheperd's Bush."  I think this needlework haven rivals any in the country!  If you would like to find out more about them, go to their blog--Bush Blog, or look them up online--Shepherd's Bush.com.  They have everything one could ever want in the way of supplies, patterns, threads, linens, and fun ideas.  I love going there, and usually plan on spending at least two or three hours when I do!  One of the funnest things to do after deciding on the piece and finishing it, is deciding how to matte and frame it.  I also love going to the frame shop and choosing just the right frame and coordinating mattes for them.   I always have mine framed with glass.  I prefer that because it protects the work and the linen.   Pictured here are a few of my favorites for December.
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