Thursday, December 30, 2010


Some of the most dramatic and striking blooms I've ever seen were these stem-dyed orchids.  The process was done with food dye!  The dye is applied through the stems of the flowers when still in a tight bud.  Immerse the stems in the desired color of dye and wait for the magic. These white orchids had a blue dye applied to the water. I like to use science vials--they're deep, but yet thin, ideal for a stem of the bloom of your choice. You can even get a vial-holder, so you can do several at a time.  In time, after the dye is taken up through the stem, the result is just breathtaking!  As you can see by these photos, the gorgeous colors of aqua, bright turquoise, and shades of deep blue  are, to say the least, a feast for the eyes!  The process is easy to do.  White blooms are usually used for this easy and simple process, but other colors of flowers could be used as well.  Orchids, as well as lilies, carnations, daisies, mums and roses work well in this process, but experiment with others if you wish--the sky's the limit!  One thing's for certain, though, stem-dyed flowers produce spectacular results!
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  1. Im looking to dye orchids myself. I wondering if you have any tips? Or is is pretty straight-forward, like just add the food coloring to water?

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