Tuesday, March 15, 2011


As I work in the garden beds this time of year, I have found that it's so easy to transplant little seedlings.  It's also the perfect time to divide many perennials.  All it takes is just a little "plug" from the parent plant--and they do amazingly well!    Because of cool days, and continued light snows and rains, the small plants are just starting to break dormancy, and they thrive in the spring conditions.  When clearing up debris, if there are any seedlings that need to be moved, or if I need to divide any perennials, I just take the plant, or plug if it is a small transplant, and move it to another spot.  No need to water if you do it early enough in the year while the soil is still moist.  I often transplant during a light rain, or a cloudy day.  NEVER transplant on hot, or very sunny days, as the tender seedlings and new plugs must be protected from those elements.  To get the best results, take a shovel full of soil with your seedling, keeping it all contained in the soil.  Then all you need to do is plant the ball of soil with the seedling wherever you want it.  If planting a plug off an existing perennial, be sure to have some roots, then plant in moist soil, pressing down well.  Water only if needed.  I also use a scant sprinkling of super triple phosphate around the new plants to give them an extra boost.  I always use a plant marker to let me know where I've put the new plants.  Easy.  Fun.  March--the perfect time to do this! 
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