Wednesday, April 13, 2011


A long-lived perennial, BABY'S BREATH is a wonderful perennial to have in your garden.  Early spring preparation will ensure a manageable plant with summer blooms that add not only an airy elegance to your garden beds, but is irreplaceable in flower arrangements.  Plant this silver-grayed soft foliage plant in an area that receives full sun, and in an area that has plenty of room for it's expanding size.  Baby's Breath doesn't like to be moved, so plant in a place where you won't be transplanting it later on because their root systems are far-reaching and are best left undisturbed.  After established, Baby's Breath is drought tolerant, and another great plus is that it doesn't have many pest or disease problems.  In early spring, clean up the plant breaking off any hard, old stems that may remain on the plant.  I use the same 3-foot square tomato cage that I have on my Bleeding Hearts, putting it down in early spring, before the plant fills out.  The plant will grow and fill in the cage, and it will be invisible in no time at all.   This keeps the plant upright and contained in your garden bed, with no staking needed.  If dead headed regularly, the cloudlike blooms will bloom into fall.  This beautiful specimen plant looks good with tree lilies, monarda, obedient plant, or other tall summer to fall flowering perennials.
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