Friday, April 29, 2011


I had one of the most delightful days yesterday!  I paid a visit to my sister, Dianne, who is an avid gardener.  She lives south of me, and the blooms there are ahead of mine by about a week or two.  Her spring gardens were amazing!  Tucked in every square inch of her neatly manicured yard, were hundreds of blooming daffodils of every kind and color (as you can see in three of the collages), hyacinths, and tulips.  I was impressed with her beautiful crown imperial--the orange ones were my personal favorite.  Dozens of peonies are leafing out, as well as hundreds of poppies, daylilies, oriental and Asiatic lilies, and iris.  She has a wide assortment of perennials--several kinds of heuchera, coneflower, mums of every color, foxglove, delphinium, monarda, daisies, and ground covers. She has a nice variety of flowering bushes--lilacs, flowering almond, mock orange, forsythia, and flowering quince to name a few.  The show will really begin when her almost 200 rose bushes begin to bloom!  She has grown many from cuttings grown under mason jars, as well as several that are hard to find.  She not only has a green thumb, but her landscape is very pleasing to the eye.  I was glad the weather cooperated for a day--more wind, rain and snow predicted for tomorrow--so, it was especially nice to see these sure signs of spring for a day!   I hope you enjoy these collages of some of her beautiful blooms!  For me it was like dying and going to Heaven!
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