Friday, April 15, 2011


Spring is probably the busiest time in the garden--and the most fun!  It's probably my favorite time, as well.  It's exciting to see the plants break their winter dormancy.  And, I love cleaning up the beds in early spring--clearing off all debris, planting, dividing, weeding (yes, I said weeding!), transplanting, and fertilizing--in fact, they are all among the most important activities for you to do in your beds this time of year.  As the season progresses, other tasks will take over, such as mulching, staking, deadheading, cutting back, watering, and pest control--along with the ever-present job of keeping your beds weed free.  I always amend my beds with top soil plus every spring and fall--it is an on-going process.  The best way to keep your beds healthy and thriving is to add organic matter regularly; it also helps with drainage,  and holds nutrients in the soil for plants to use.  If you fertilize with manure, make sure it is well-rotted, or use a balanced organic fertilizer.  Avoid working in your soil when it is either too wet or too dry.  Before digging in your beds, take a handful of soil and squeeze it.  If it stays in a lump when you open your hand, but breaks apart when you tap it lightly, it's at the ideal stage for digging.  It if stays in a clay like clump, wait a few days to let it dry out, then test again.  If it is dusty and dry, water thoroughly, then wait a day and test again.  After digging, stay off the bed as much as possible, because walking, sitting, kneeling, or standing on the soil will compact it, resulting in a sub-par garden bed, and ultimately, mediocre blooms.   "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," --A statement that is certainly true in the gardening world.  A good start in the spring pays off in big dividends throughout the season!  Happy gardening!
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