Wednesday, August 31, 2011


The late-blooming HIBISCUS are now in full bloom.  Sun-loving plants, they will tolerate partial shade.  They have giant, disk-shaped blooms, 6-13" wide.  They are easy to grow, and like rich, moist soil. These tropical-looking flowers last only a day, but plants can have literally hundreds of blossoms.  Dead head daily--as the spent blooms look like limp tissue paper and can be unattractive. They are easy to grow, and are very hardy.  They are my latest perennial to break dormancy in the spring, so mark their place in your bed. Their crowns are very woody, and so can be extremely hard to divide.  Although their seed may not come true from the parent plant,  I know that the Disco Belle series does.  To see a 13" bloom of one of these giants, is an amazing sight to behold. Jazzberry Jam and Luna Swirl are two of my favorites!
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