Wednesday, September 14, 2011


TRANSPLANTING PEONIES while the soil is still warm is best because it allows the plant to get established and start to root before it goes into winter dormancy. If you have a herbaceous peony that has overgrown it's spot in the garden, or if you just want another peony that is exactly like the parent, now is the time to divide them.  Follow these easy steps for successful dividing:

  • A day or two before, make sure the ground is soft (not wet!)
  • Cut the stems down to 8"--this will help you pull the roots out easier
  • Dig around the peony, making sure you allow plenty of room around it to get all the roots
  • I use a pitch fork to gently lift all around the root system
  • Continue to work from the outside until you can lift it out, with little breakage of roots
  • Wash off newly dug plant, and let sit, covered with a damp cloth, overnight
  • Softened roots will now be ready to divide; use a sharp knife, and make sure you have 3-4 "eyes" in each division
  • Replant, with a hand of bone meal mixed in well with your soil.  Make sure you don't plant more than 2" deep.
  • Water in well.  Cooler, damper weather will provide the moisture the newly planted peony needs.  If dry, keep newly planted peony moist, but not wet.
Likewise, if you just want to buy or order a new peony for your garden bed, fall is the best time to do this.  There are many online companies that carry a wide assortment of beautiful herbaceous peonies--in all colors, shapes and sizes. Just type in herbaceous peonies to get a comprehensive list of places to order.
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