Monday, May 6, 2013


TALL BEARDED IRIS are a garden favorite of mine. The best of these stately blooms have it all--beautiful, graceful blooms, beautiful form, color, branching, and vigor, with the added bonus of being long-lived in a vase. They're hardy, easy-to-take care of, pest free here in the top of Utah, and there are literally hundreds of thousands of hybrids to choose from to satisfy any garden need, providing you with beautiful blooms year after year.The pictured variety, award-winning JESSE'S SONG (Williamson 1983), blooms first in the area I live. It has won the coveted DYKES MEDAL (1990). Its white centered standards and falls have a nice violet band,  and a beard of lemon-blue-white. Although an old variety, I still love its wonderful form, reliable bloom and stunning bloom. 

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