Monday, August 19, 2013


The August flush of HYBRID TEA ROSES is still on, as well as one of the 4 or 5 plantings of GLADIOLA that I did early in the spring, planting every 2 weeks thereafter until summer--and until all the corms were planted. I love pink and yellow together, and this arrangement has several varieties of pink and yellow roses, as well as three different glads and some baby pink and yellow roses and yellow mums.When using florist's oasis, make sure you're using the right kind--for wet arrangements. Cut the foam to fit tight in your container, then fill with water with a preservative in. Let soak up well--you may need to fill it up several times in order for the solution to completely soak up in the foam. Arrange by cutting stems under water, then immediately arranging, pulling off leaves or any greenery that will be below the water line.  Keep in a cool, dark place until needed. These roses were in the bud stage when picked--it doesn't take long for them to unfold. For longer lasting arrangements, cut glads when color is showing and the bottom flower has just unfolded. For roses, a large, full bud is best.

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