Monday, August 26, 2013


Tall bearded iris:  Skating Party, Throb, Timeless Moment,
Starship Enterprise, Ringo, Vizier, Salzburg Echo
with companion

plants lupine, pansies, monarda, tree peony, forsythia, lilac and snowball

Tall bearded iris:  Embrace Me, Elisa Renee, Laced Cotton,
Pond Lily, Date Bait
with tree peony, lupine, clematis, allium, foxglove, 

poppy, gladiola and daisy
Tall bearded iris:  Thornbird, County Cork, Clump of Thornbird,
Blueberry Buttercup, Thornbird, Master Touch
with companion plants

delphinium, lupine, viola, gladiola
Tall bearded iris:  Looking For Love, Raspberry Frills, Embrace Me,
Feature Attraction, Sly Fox, Wedding Candles, Sea Power

companion plants foxglove, gladiola, delphinium, columbine, and allium
Tall bearded iris:  Sunday Chimes, Planned Treasure, Mary Francis,
Bubbling Over, Coming Up Roses, Poem of Ecstasy

companion plants peony, foxglove, poppy, verbascum, lupine,
delphinium and gladiola

Tall bearded iris:  Laced Cotton, Into The Night, Dusky Challenger,
Indigo Princess, Classic Look, Heavenly Angels, Daughter of Stars,
Fancy Stuff, Codicil
 with companion plants Japanese iris, Dutch iris,

bachelor button, Siberian iris

Tall bearded iris:  Ever After, Ample Charm, Epicenter & Naples,
Role Model, Cherry Blossom Song, Timeless Moment,
Bold Expression, Naples, Raspberry Wine, Gigolo
 with companion

plants lupine, foxglove, gladiola
Tall bearded iris:  Goodnight Moon, Liberty Song, Babbling Brook,
Lullaby of Spring, Glowing Smile, Star Woman, Edith Wolford,
Garden Bride, Wedding Candles, Lavender Luck
 with companion

plants lupine, clematis, daisy, Dutch iris, hyacinth, Virginia bluebells,
peony and gladiola
Tall bearded iris:  Bertwhistle, Neutron Dance with companion plants
miniature roses, late daffodil, iris reticula, crown imperial, hybrid tea rose,
peony tulip, pulsitilla, double tulip and allium

Tall bearded iris:  Gigolo, Malaguena, Role Model,
Change of Pace,Bold Expression, Strawberry Sensation,
 Artist's Time, Aphrodisiac, Lady Friend,
with companion plants peony,

lupine, columbine, clematis, sea thrift, gladiola, hybrid tea rose and pansy
Tall bearded iris:  City Lights, Silverado, Heartstring Strummer,
Stairway to Heaven, Mesmerizer, Blue Bed, Sea Power,
Queen's Circle, Global Crossing, Skating Party,
Ruffled Ballet, World Premier, Monday Morning Blues
with companion

plants pansy, double clematis, delphinium, Japanese iris, columbine,
Siberian iris, double hollyhock, clematis, Dutch iris, lilac, lupine

Susanne Holland Spicker Mother, Grandmother, Homemaker, Gardener, Teacher, Photographer

Passion is defined as the love of, or the object(s) of affection and emotion. I am passionate about family, friends, flowers, food, photography and fabulous music! This blog is dedicated to those loves.

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