Saturday, December 7, 2013


Continuing on with my documentation of the 2013 TALL BEARDED IRIS plantings in the Spicker Gardens
Femme Fatale Gatty '87

Florentine Silk Keppel '05

Gitano Keppel '07

Glamazon Blyth '07

Going Dutch Van Liere '09

Golden Panther Tasco '00

Goodnight Moon Schreiner '95

Grand Waltz Schreiner '70

Grecian Skies Brown '84

Gypsy Lord Keppel '06

Gypsy Romance Schreiner '94

Gyro Aitken '89

Happenstance Keppel '00

Heartstring Strummer Johnson '01

Hello Darkness Schreiner '92

Honey Cat Morris '05 SDB

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