Monday, December 9, 2013


I'm publishing a hardback book for reference purposes of the 2013 TALL BEARDED IRIS in my iris beds plants from the 2013 season. I use Blog2Print and have been very pleased with their work. Although I have these pictures in my photo file, it will be nice to have a hard copy of them. New ones that haven't bloomed yet were taken from pictures from other iris lovers.
Parisian Dawn Keppel '06

Paul Black Johnson '03

Pink Taffeta Rudolph '68

Pretty Generous Innerst '04

Private Label Nelson '85

Queen's Ransom Van Liere '12

Rainy River Painter '05

Red Skies Ghio '07

Rhinelander Schreiner '06

Role Reversal Ghio '10

Rosy Forecast Williamson '10

Sisterhood Van Liere '11

Skating Party Gaulter '83

Sky Hooks Osborne '80

Skywalker Schreiner '86

Social Graces Keppel '00

Social Register Ghio '00

Society Page Ghio Ghio '00

Song of Norway Luihn '81

Southern Morning Metler 2011

Spectacular Bid Denny '81

Stairway to Heaven Lauer '93

Starship Enterprise Schreiner '99

Star Woman Smith '97 IB

Strawberry Sensation Powell '80

Summer Tsunami Nicholson '02

Supreme Sultan Schreiner '88

Suspicion Keppel '99

Sweeter Than Wine Schreiner '88

Sweet Musette Schreiner '86

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