Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I'm continuing on with collages of the TALL BEARDED IRIS blooms in my garden beds. My goal is to have a collage of each one, and then print the blog into a book. In this way, I will always have a hard copy of them. I have printed up two other books, and have been very happy with the results.  
About Town Blyth '97

Action Packed Black '11

Act of Kindness Ghio '01

Adoregon Keppel '04

Aegean Wind Schreiner '08

Aztec Treasure Miller '84

Banana Frappe Ernst '91

Barb's NOID

Bayberry Candle DeForest '69

Belgian Princess Johnson '05 

Beyond Gibson '79

Bubble Bubble Ghio '05

Bubbling Waves Ghio '06 

Burst of Joy Schreiner '10

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Passion is defined as the love of, or the object(s) of affection and emotion. I am passionate about family, friends, flowers, food, photography and fabulous music! This blog is dedicated to those loves.

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