Thursday, February 20, 2014

TALL BEARDED IRIS--Looking forward to Spring 2014

Time is fast approaching for the TALL BEARDED IRIS to begin their growth, with blooms here in the top of Utah the last half of May, through the first week or two of June. After walking around and examining the little sprouts, I see that they have over-wintered well, with only one rhizome that I could see with root rot, a disease that leaves the rhizomes mushy with a foul odor. Sometimes this can be remedied with the removal of the soft, affected area, then treated with Clorox or Comet cleanser.I do this with the rhizome still in the ground, leaving the rest of the rhizome intact. More times than not, this works. As the month wears on, I may see more rhizomes that may have the disease, but hopefully not too many more. In the meantime, I enjoy the pictures of last year's blooms. 
Pink Taffeta, Chinese Treasure, Looking For Love, Sweeter Than Wine,
Ever After, Raspberry Wine, Ringo, Purple Serenade

Change of Pace, Rose', Sheer Bliss, Song of Norway, World Premier,
Master Touch, Purple Serenade, Poem of Ecstasy

Poem of Ecstasy, Aphrodisiac, Extravagant

Wedding Candles, On Edge

Change of Pace

Global Crossing

Louisa's Song


Queen's Circle

Starship Enterprise, Vizier

Edith Wolford

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  1. Hello Susanne,

    I prefer your great pictures compo tall bearded irises in the garden that the pictures collage

    1. Merci! Thank you for spending a little time on my blog. :)

  2. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing!