Thursday, June 19, 2014

FRESH FLOWERS FROM YOUR GARDEN--decorating wedding cakes

My daughter, Libby, was asked to make the WEDDING CAKE for a special friend's wedding. She made a beautiful 6-layer cake and asked me to do the floral arrangement on the cake. The colors of the bride were shades of lavender and purple.  I scoured the yard for white and lavender/purple flowers--my white roses had been tipped by recent weather, and weren't pristine enough to use.  I ended up using double clematis ARCTIC QUEEN, along with my neighbor's smaller purple clematis, with my giant lavender DELPHINIUM, purple LAVENDER, baby's breath and LARKSPUR.  This was Libby's first cake (although she made a practice cake in May), and I think she did a remarkable job. It was a hit at the wedding, and she might have a new career in her future!  
Libby with her masterpiece

Giant Delphinium, Arctic Queen clematis, Larkspur,
Baby's Breath and Lavender

Libby used a yummy butter cream homemade frosting--
so good for cutting and serving the cake afterwards

The reception was outside on an overcast night,
which was nice for the fresh flowers-

Bridesmaids!  Libby and friend

Libby Anne

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