Monday, November 10, 2014

CHRYSANTHEMUMS -- Long-lasting in the vase for fall arrangements

I harvested my florist mums before we had a hard freeze. These blooms have been in a big bucket of water on the  protected patio since October--nearly three weeks. They are opening nicely and will continue to do so in this weeks arrangement.  When arranging it, I found new leaves forming on the stripped stems--that's how wonderful they are as a cut flower--they make great fall arrangements, lasting 3 or more weeks in the vase. They come in a wide variety of classes and colors, and are a definite must for your fall flower beds.This variety is a REFLEX, Class 2, named BILL HOLDEN, 2A. The blooms are large, reaching as big as 5 inches across. It is a strong upright grower, and produces many flowers. Arrange when centers are still in tight bud. They will completely unfold, producing a huge floret.

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