Sunday, August 9, 2015

POPPIES IN SPRING ARRANGEMENTS - Delicate-looking plants are really very hardy

A bouquet of poppies is a magnificent thing of color in the spring months. Although not terribly long-lasting in spring arrangements, there are a few things that can be done to ensure the longest possible vase life. First, make sure that the poppy is in bud stage. Those showing a bit of color work great. Cut stems early in the morning before the sun comes up, or, if you can do it then, after the sun sets is second best. Have a container of cool water with water preservative close by to plunge the newly cut stems in. When ready to arrange, re-cut the stem under water.This opens the seal the stem of the flower automatically produces when cut. Some say to sear the ends with a match, or "smash" the ends of the stem with a hammer. I have even cut 1-2" cuts up the stem. But, I have found the most successful thing is to cut the stem at an angle at the proper time, immediately putting in water, then re-cutting the stem underwater and immediately arranging. After arranging, keep in a dark, cool room if possible until time for display. Keep the arrangement out of direct sunlight and out of drafts.
Ruffled Patty Oriental Poppy

Royal Wedding Oriental Poppy
Harlem Oriental Poppy (re-bloomer)
Raspberry Queen Oriental Poppy
Queen Alexandria Oriental Poppy
Miss Piggy Oriental Poppy
Brilliant Oriental Poppy
Patty's Plum Oriental Poppy

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