Thursday, August 6, 2015


The weekly arrangement for May 10 shows how harmonious the cool, blue color of tall bearded irises "Altruist" and the warm tones of "Southern Morning" can be. Early bloomers, these irises compliment each other as well as the lupine and English bluebells that are used in this color scheme. 

One of the most enjoyable things about putting these bouquets together each week is seeing that no two have been alike in the several years I have been doing them. Keeping this blog as a journal of what is blooming each week has been a valuable asset in keeping a record of bloom times and how they vary from year to year, and it has been very interesting, to say the least.There have been differences in bloom times as much as 3-4 weeks. Take, for instance, this year, the irises were in bloom almost a month before they usually are. This was due to unseasonably warm temperatures early in the spring.  

Selecting the blooms that will be used each week is something I never grow tired of. Each week is a new adventure!  

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