Sunday, September 6, 2015


By June, the huge globe alliums are in bloom. Some, like long-lasting Globemaster, reach 10" across, with hundreds of blue-violet florets. Alliums have foliage that emerges early in the spring, and Globemaster's leaves remain green longer than other varieties. Violet Gladiator and white White Empress, with 6-8" spheres, are also reliable and beautiful varieties that grow well in my zone 6 garden.  The first flush of hybrid tea roses are still in bloom, and a favorite, long-stemmed Brandy, is a luscious color of soft apricot-peach. Tree lily Conca d' Or, with its 6-feet tall stems, grows more beautiful each year. Lilies are exceptionally long-lasting in the vase, especially if the pollen ends of the anthers are snipped off. Alliums are also long-lasting in the vase.This June 14th arrangement will last well over a week with proper cutting--early in the morning or after dusk--using a floral preservative and keeping it out of direct sunlight or drafts.

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