Sunday, September 13, 2015

GLADIOLA - Tall, stately blooms of color

The August 2nd weekly arrangement is all about gladiola! The corms are planted as soon as the soil is workable in early spring. (Although it is suggested that corms in my zone 6 garden be lifted for overwintering, I leave some in the ground the season before and they have done fine. This gives the plants a head start in spring; these glads bloom first).  I plant groups of 3-5 new corms every two weeks from March until the end of June or so. This gives me a steady supply of glads into fall. It takes about 90 days, for the corms to root, grow, produce, and store enough energy for next year's blooms. After blooming, don't cut down stalks until completely dried and yellow--that's where they get their energy for next year's bloom. Stake at the time of planting if you are growing ones that reach 48-60" tall so you don't harm the corms later on. Gladiola bloom from the bottom up, come in all colors, and are welcome color spots in the summer and fall.

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