Friday, September 11, 2015

RED, WHITE, and BLUE -- Patriotic Summer Arrangements

In Utah the week of the 24th is a special holiday; Utah became a state on that date. So, for the July 19th arrangement, I did a red, white and blue bouquet. Huge red State Fair zinnias, white and red glads, and white glads and daisies, with bright blue bush delphinium make up this festive arrangement. A flag finishes off the look. After the blue delphinium are finished blooming, I let the seed pods dry, then crush the pods and sprinkle the seeds right onto the damp, but not wet, soil. Press slightly, but they need light to germinate, so don't cover. The fresh seed will germinate quickly, and little seedlings will come up. When a couple of inches tall, you can transplant them to areas you desire, or you can just thin them out. Always keep flower arrangements out of direct sun and drafts. Change water every other day if possible, using a floral preservative in the water.

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