Tuesday, September 22, 2015

SUMMER ARRANGEMENTS - Filling a non-waterproof basket

There are a vast array of unique and fun vases, planter boxes, baskets, etc. to make your flower arrangements in. In today's weekly arrangement, I used a nice-sized yellow wooden basket. It has a handle for easy carrying, and holds a medium-sized bouquet. To use this basket, since it isn't waterproof,  I purchased plastic basket liners; they come in a variety of sizes, and can be found online, or you can purchase them from a floral or craft shop. Just cut oasis for wet arrangements to fit into the liner. Fill the liner so the oasis is saturated and then arrange, always using water with a floral preservative. After cutting my stems, I make a second cut, under water, then arrange. I then put the arrangement in the garage 'flower' refrigerator, set at 40 degrees, overnight. This slows down the progression of the flowers, and the arrangements will last longer. This arrangement uses State Fair zinnias, garden mums, tea roses and a gladiola stem. It will last well over a week.

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