Tuesday, May 3, 2016

TREE PEONIES -- Long-lived, hardy spring blooms

Tree Peony 'KAMATA-FUJI' blooms can reach 12" across!

Some facts about Tree Peonies -- they have a long history, dating back to 1644, where the Qing Dynasty appointed it the national flower. Native to China, Japan, Southern Europe and Western North America, they are long-lived, deciduous shrubs that will grow in zones 4-9. Paeonia suffruticosa is the plant's botanical name, but it is commonly known as the tree peony. The size of the flowers are amazing--usually in the 6-12" across range. They have woody stems that allow them to survive winter conditions.

This particular tree peony 'KAMATA-FUJI', is a luscious orchid-pink, with dark rose centers and a golden stamen center. We had 91 MPH winds over the weekend, and these buds held up, miraculously. I did wrap the woody stems in burlap strips to prevent breakage of the branches.

Arranging while in bud form, the delicate-looking flowers will quickly unfold to their huge size; three was plenty for this arrangement. Kamata-Fuji is a fully double peony, and it likes rich soil, moist, but not wet, conditions, and afternoon shade or dappled shade to preserve the flowers, which also lengthens their flower bloom.  

I don't cut any blooms its first year, helping to strengthen the tree, and cut minimally the second year.  After that, I use them for arrangements as needed. Their vase life is long. Give them water with a preservative in for maximum life, and keep them out of drafts and direct sunlight.  I love their wonderful fragrance as well.

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