Thursday, January 19, 2017


Tall bearded irises "WEDDING BELLE," "EPICENTER," and "SPECTACULAR BID" make a pleasing color co-ordinated vase arrangement for Memorial Day.

"Wedding Belle" is an extra large 6 1/2" bloom of luscious colored light peach. Ruffles and lace abound on this beauty.

Plicata "EPICENTER" is a vigorous bloom with a light peach ground color, and is always a stand-out in the garden. With deep velvety falls, "SPECTACULAR BID" is an older, but tried-and-true variety. The trio goes well together.

These vase arrangements were used to put on grave markers for Memorial Day. They were cut in the bud stage, and this is what they looked like after two days. Their life in the outside lasted another 2 days in bright sun. Being favorite colors of my dad, I wanted to use them. They were placed on his marker, which has a vase on both sides of the stone. Use a floral preservative, as always, and check on them daily, if possible, snapping off spent blooms. If kept inside, they would, of course, last longer.

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