Thursday, January 19, 2017


These 4-6" zinnias were planted by seed in early spring, after all danger of frost had passed. I was very pleased with their growth and vigor.

Pictured here are the variables in their bloom. "Queen Red Lime" zinnia has a beautiful rose-red center, with variable petals of pink, rose, and lime. No two are identical. "Tequila Lime" zinnia, a lime green bloom, has single, semi-double and fully double blooms. I love the center of it as well--fluffy little petaloids of creamy white.The colors of these two varieties compliment each other, and I am happy with them.

These sun-loving plants are annuals.  Seed may be saved after the flower has bloomed and dried on the stem.  Just shake the dried bloom over an envelope and the very tiny seeds will fall out.  I store mine in the refrigerator until I plant them the following spring, after all chance of frost has passed.

I purchased the seeds from an online nursery. This is the perfect time to order seeds. Free shipping is available on most sites.
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