Sunday, April 23, 2017

PEONY TULIPS -- Spring arrangements for lasting beauty

I love the many-petaled tulips labeled as "peony-flowering." Their multi-petaled stems, fully double, make the spring garden a sea of beauty.

This variety, "ANGELIQUE," opens up to a nice 5-7" bloom. With its yellow anthers and center, and white petals that reveal a 'brush-stroked' look of medium light rose pink, this beautiful tulip will please any tulip fancier.

When using in arrangements, cut early in the morning or after sunset in the evening. Choose stems that are still fairly closed.

They will fully open in a day, or two at the most, depending on where you have them displayed.

The long stems, 20-24" high, stand tall on strong stems in the spring garden, and are mid-late spring bloomers. 

I used a wet florist foam and a floral preservative for maximum vase life.  As always, keep your arrangements out of direct sunlight and drafts. The arrangement will last well over a week. 

Peony tulips come in many varieties and colors, but "ANGELIQUE" is definitely one of my favorites. It's feminine look, reliability and hardiness make it a real winner!

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