Sunday, June 20, 2010


For those of you who are in need of more plants in your garden at a super price--3 mail order companies are offering a great deal on daylilies--a grab bag of 25 daylilies for $25!  If you can't use 25, get together with a couple of friends to share the cost.  They will be shipped immediately for this year's planting--and will most likely bloom for next year, although I had some a couple of years ago that produced their first year with a small stem of blooms. The three companies are Brecks, Gurney's, and  Spring Hill.  (They must be affiliate companies, because their information and keycode is exactly  the same on all 3  sites).  Just go to any of their Web sites to order online:       (, or  Use the Keycode 0423791 and it's item #82652.  This offer ends at midnight on June 25th.   All companies have a guarantee on their products and I have been very happy dealing with all.  These are their regular season plants, just a surplus that they need to sell, passing on great savings to you.  I love Daylilies, because of their beautiful fountain style foliage, and the many, many blooms that you get from each plant, although they only last a day.  But because they have so many buds, they bloom for a long time.  I have 30 in the yard presently.  I will be posting about them when they start to bloom, which should be fairly soon.  Several have scapes that are about 10 inches tall.  Happy planting!
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