Thursday, January 19, 2017


I love using these 'carved-out' pumpkins for Halloween arrangements. The first year I made an arrangement in a pumpkin, I used a real pumpkin. By the end of the week, mold was growing in it, which was not good, so I hunted around and found these. They not only look realistic, but they don't rot. I've used this particular one for 6 years now, so they are durable as well.

These dainty rust-apricot colored garden mums will last up to 4 weeks--unheard of! Garden mums are hardy perennials, coming back each year larger and more beautiful. They keep a nice round mound shape, too, which I love.

They form a dense cover, on a woody stem. I pinch mine back earlier in the year, when they are about 6-12" tall. They can be pinched back until the 4th of July. This keeps them manageable and ensures they don't fall over.

Garden mums come in all sorts of colors and grow from small mounds to tall plants, that might need staking. They are hardy, and easy to propagate or divide. They bloom in the fall and are among my last blooms of the year here in zone 6.
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