Monday, June 7, 2010


About half of my 150 different TALL BEARDED IRIS have bloomed so far.  We're behind a couple of weeks because of the inclement weather we had earlier in the season.    I plan the beds so there are several blooming at once, from the early-to-mid and then to the late bloomers, extending my season to the max.  The front beds have a variety of pink, blue, white and yellow iris. Pictured are Bubbling Over, First Interstate, Creative Stitchery, Neutron Dance, Sly Fox, Twice Thrilling, Suspicion, Strawberry Sensation, Stairway to Heaven, Geniality, Good Hope, and Sheer Bliss.  Although some of them indicate they are reblooming iris, I have never had an iris rebloom, nor have I heard of anyone in our area that has.  I have noticed that their blooms haven't lasted as long this year, due to weather conditions as well.  
Here are a few tips I have learned over the years:  When I plant them, I put a handful of triple super phosphate in the hole, and mix it up good with the soil, then cover up the rhizomes, leaving the tops exposed so they can soak up the sun, watering in good.  Anytime after they bloom is a good time to divide or plant new ones--usually mid July to August--they need to establish a good root system before the cold weather arrives.  They need minimal watering, and at least 6 hours of sun each day.   They are a hardy plant, and there are literally hundreds of thousands of cultivars to choose from!   I order mine mostly through two mail-order companies--Schreiners and Cooley's.  I also have some gardening friends who are iris lovers and we share when we divide.

Go to and enter the keycode 0423754 to get a grab bag worth of at least $100 for only $20.  Or, you can mention it when ordering by phone at 513-354-1509.   I have ordered from Spring Hill and they are a very reputable company, who offer a guarantee on their plants.  If you are revamping or just need plants, this is a good deal!   EXPIRES TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT!
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