Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A VISIT TO DAWN'S IRIS GARDEN--A heavenly experience!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting my friend, Dawn, a fellow iris lover, and her gorgeous iris garden--about 800 plants with 250 different cultivars.  It's close to the end of iris season, and because of heavy winds and rain in the few previous days, many of the tall beauties were laying on the ground.  But it was spectacular, still, to say the least!   She has iris of every color--from the lacy whites, to the majestic darkest of blacks and every color in between!  I enjoyed my stay, her gracious hospitality, and the pure and fascinating  beauty of each and every iris.  I wish I could post them all, but since I can't, here are a few collages of some of her blooms in a rainbow of colors.  Someone once said, "A Thing of Beauty is  a Joy Forever."  That's what I experienced yesterday..memories that will last a lifetime.   Thank you, Dawn and Neal.   (Note:  Make sure you click on the photo to bring it up in a larger format)
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