Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Bee Balm (Monarda)  I've heard some say that Bee Balm is hard to grow. It's actually very easy to grow if conditions are right.  Bee Balm is a hardy perennial, growing about 3 feet high.  It doesn't do well in places with warm winters (so it does very well here).  I have it growing equally well in sun or light shade.  It does spread, however.  If you don't want it to, plant it in a buried bucket, or provide some kind of barrier so that the spreading roots can't creep beyond where  you want it to  grow.  It should be divided every couple of years to keep it vigorous.  It  has a pleasant, strong fresh mint-like smell.  If you deadhead immediately after it blooms, cutting down to where new shoots  are emerging, you will get a rebloom on your plants.  There are several colors to choose from.  Out of the several cultivars, my favorite is a bubblegum pink called Marshall's Delight.  It is in bloom  right now.  It will bloom again later on in the season.  I always cut mine down to the ground in the fall.    I enjoy the unusual look of Monarda--it looks like a crown with an explosion of color coming from it.  I recommend it for your gardens if you don't already have it.
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