Saturday, July 3, 2010


Our family celebrates the 4th of July today with festivities in our great city--North Ogden.  Some of the activities include a local parade, fun run, car show, golf tournament, entertainment, sports tournaments, dutch oven cook off, kids crafts, booths from businesses, amusement rides, fun foods and a scavenger hunt before the fireworks display to top it all off.  I am grateful to live in this beautiful city, with family and friends that are wonderful!  And, I am proud to be an American and blessed to have the freedoms that I enjoy; I honor those who have fought for those freedoms, and thank them for their service.  Have a Happy Holiday weekend everyone!  For a quick, easy, refreshing drink for your fourth, try this old recipe from my mother for WATER PUNCH.  I get the citric acid at the pharmacy.  It's carbonation-free and, served ice cold, it really hits the spot on a hot day!

5 qt. water
3 Cup sugar
1 Tblsp citric acid
1 Tblsp Lemon EXTRACT

Mix all ingredients together, dissolving the sugar, and chill well.  Before serving, add ice (I like crushed ice) and lemon and lime slices for garnish. 

Another way to serve ice water that I hadn't ever heard of came from my daughter, Merrin.  She said to add cucumber slices to the water for garnish instead of lemon and lime slices.  Very refreshing!!
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