Sunday, July 25, 2010


To lengthen the bloom season for plants that flower for a relatively short time, consider SUCCESSION PLANTING.  Succession planting is when  you sow seeds at 2-week intervals where you want your plants to grow.  (You can even start exra early if you sow seeds indoors in early spring).  Love-In-A-Mist is a perfect plant that you can do this with.   You can sow the seeds from early spring into summer.  This means you'll have blooms all through late spring, summer, and even into fall.  Their seeds readily self-sow, so even if you don't sow seeds, you'll end up with a couple of bloom cycles.  If little seedling plants emerge where I don't want them, I can easily transplant the little plants to areas that I do want them.  They are hard to transplant after they are too big, so try to transplant when they are about 1-2" tall, because they don't like being moved.  They get their name because they are beautiful blue blooms surrounded by a "mist" of fine, fern-like greenery.   (I've seen pictures of pink love-in-a-mist, but have never seen that variety in the nurseries).   They will probably need to be thinned a little--they germinate readily.  They like full sun, although I have grown them in part shade.  I am on my third bloom, and new little seedlings are growing that are about 5 inches tall, as well as some that have just started their set of true leaves.  They should be blooming all through summer and into fall.  They do well in arrangements, and I especially love their pod after they've bloomed and dried naturally.   If you don't have any in your beds, I think you'll really enjoy them in your garden.  They're great if you want to add some color and a no-worry plant.
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