Tuesday, August 17, 2010


CONEFLOWERS are hardy, water-wise, easy-to-grow summer-blooming perennials that come in  many, many varieties.    In the last 6 or 7 years, many new varieties have been introduced, and it was a perennial plant of the year a few years back.  Like sunflowers, they are in the aster family.  Coneflowers have a spiny-like center and their flower heads consist of ray florets.  They need to be planted in full sun (or light shade), in average soil.  If the soil is too rich, they may need to be staked.  They are drought tolerant once they are established.  You can either sow seeds or plant plants in the spring or fall.  What I like about coneflowers is that they don't need regular feeding or watering, and they aren't troubled by pests or diseases--maybe that's why they were plant of the year!  I need to support the ones I have, otherwise they tend to fall over.  They don't need regular dividing, but if you do, dig them in the spring or fall if they outgrow their space.  I especially like some of the new ones--Sundown, Double Delight, Green Envy, Twilight, Sunrise and Ruby Giant.   
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