Monday, August 2, 2010


If you haven't been receiving your fall catalogs for selection of bulbs, just know that now is the time to order your bulbs for fall shipment.  Getting your order in early ensures that the selections you make will be filled.  If you wait too long, you risk the chance of them being out-of-stock.  Some companies also offer added incentives by taking a percentage off for early ordering.  There are many reputable companies to order from:  But one I wanted to mention  is  BULBS  DIRECT.
What's unique about them is that you pay no shipping and handling--it's always free! It's a strictly online-order-catalog.Their prices are very competitive, although their selection may not be a wide as some (if they have what you need, it doesn't matter if their selection isn't as big as other companies).   You can go to their site at  They have always been great to work with and everything I've ever received from them was in great condition.  Others I regularly order from are Brecks, Dutch Gardens, Van Bourgondien, and Park Seed). You can look up their information on the internet and request free catalogs.  I enjoy getting the catalogs; I study them all winter long.  When I order something, I cut out the picture in the catalog, with the information about it, and have it with a printout of my order information.  It's a way to keep everything for quick reference, or if an order is wrong, etc.--that way, I have all the information when calling about it.  I fill plastic sheet protectors in 3-ring binders for each year.  I make notes of where I planted it, or any other information that might be important.  (It's easy to forget where you planted something if you have hundreds of plants)--I always think I'll remember, but I have been very glad I made special notes about things when spring arrives!  I've also mentioned in previous posts that I mark the places where I need to plant things in the fall.  The garden changes so much from spring to fall, and if I waited until fall, there would be no way of knowing where I needed to plant the bulbs. I use plastic knives with what I'm planting written on them in grease pencil.  Then I always make a note in my booklet where the markers are--sometimes fall plants cover up the markers and knowing where they are makes it much easier!  So, although it's hot and summer, it pays to plan ahead for your FALL PLANTINGS! 
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