Tuesday, August 24, 2010


                                                                                                                   Sometimes when I'm called on to do an arrangement of flowers, I look out and think that there is no way I can do one--that there are simply not enough flowers to pull one together.  But, as I walk around the yard and start collecting blooms, I usually find I have enough to do one.  One of the most stunning arrangements I ever saw was a single 13" deep purple dinner plate dahlia in a beautiful silver vase that my friend did.  It was elegant and beautiful!  So, you can really do arrangements with as little as one flower, to as many as your vase holds (and some easily hold 50 stems or more). This time of year, I have glads, dahlias and roses that are good for arrangements.  I never use daylilies or hibiscus because their blooms only last a day, and the hosta blooms don't really keep for long without turning yellow.  I like to use hosta leaves, fern fronds, baby's breath, and bush delphinium for filler.  For all arrangements, cut your flowers early in the morning before the sun comes out.  Have a container of water to put them in immediately.  When arranging, cut stem again under water.  For dahlias, I either sear the stem bottom with a match, or more frequently, smash the bottom of the stem with a sledge hammer.  This allows the stem to direct the water to the bloom  more effectively.  For roses, remove the thorns--you'll be able to easily slide the stem in your arrangement--thorns catch on other stems.  Keep flowers in a dark, cool place until ready to use.  To force blooms, such as peonies, keep in a pail of water in a dark place.  When ready to arrange, cut stems again and plunge in deep warm water.  I also use a florist's preservative to keep flowers fresher longer.  Also, I heard a copper penny dropped in the water of your arrangements makes them last longer.  I do it because I figure it can't hurt--and it seems to work.  I like working with summer flowers in arrangements--they are so colorful and the aroma can't be beat!                                                                                                       
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  1. Very pretty arrangements mom. I also liked your post about the hydrangeas - they are so pretty.love you.