Thursday, August 12, 2010


ZINNIAS have proven to be a pleasant surprise for me in the gardens.  Since I mainly had perennials, with few annuals, I wasn't as familiar with annuals.  I wanted something that was colorful, bloomed for a long time, and was trouble-free.  Well, I got it with zinnias!  I started planting zinnias about 6 years ago, and they haven't disappointed.  Just pinch the plants to encourage branching and bushy growth, deadhead them regularly to keep them blooming, and their colorful blooms will last into the fall.  I've tried many varieties, but I like the double-flowering forms, 'Zinnia elegans.'  They are also one of the longest lasting blooms for arrangements I've tried--lasting well over a week without any noticeable change.  I'm surely glad for these summer/fall bloomers! 
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