Friday, September 24, 2010


I've been focusing on planting now in your beds for your spring pleasure.  Fall bulbs need the cold weather in order to bloom successfully in the spring, so fall is the perfect time to get them in the ground.  Try to plant your bulbs as soon as you get them, in a sunny spot in soil that is rich in organic matter and well drained.  As a general rule, plant 3 times their size deep, and about 4-6" apart, or however apart the instructions tell you. Remember that their roots come out of the bottom, so they will grow best if they're sitting on top of several inches of good soil.  When planting, you can plant a few different ways:  You can dig a separate hole for each bulb; you can dig a hole and place several in; or you can have an entire area prepared by digging up several inches of soil, then place the bulbs down, then cover with the soil you've dug up.  I've done all three, and it depends on where I've planted and the condition of the bed.  Also, keep the papery "tunic" on them whenever possible, and set them in with the pointed side up.  If you can't tell which side is up, place it on its side.  Don't add fertilizer to to holes; top-dress the planting site with a balanced fertilizer after.  After planting, water in well, then cover them with 1-2" mulch.  This prevents the onset of frozen soil when it gets colder, and gives them a longer time to grow their roots.   Happy planting!  Your efforts will be well-rewarded in the spring!  Here's some shots of the yellow and red beds last spring--their bright and cheery colors make me look forward to the days ahead!
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